Alluring tgirl Dany Barony gets his poop chute pounded

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Description: Its a bird, its a plane, its......Super Ramon!! Once again our boy Ramon is out on a stroll under his everyday persona of "Ramon".Hes a regular mild mannered huge-cock packing citizen until his super poweres are needed by any TS lady in distress then he becomes..... SUPER RAMON! A superhero that lays down the super dick on any unexpecting victim, after saving the day though. Today Ramon is having a nice walk when he feels a tingle in his super dick that there is a TS in distress. Dany Barony has been left stranded by her failing car and Ramon is on the way. Sweet and sexy Dany Barony is one hot, sexy latina transsexual that just loves the help of a nice strong man. Packing a giant ass and a bangin body is just the obvious.Shes a freak! But her day has taken a turn for the worse.No need to fear, Super Ramon is on the way to save the day. One swift look at her failing car and the jobs done. With every rescue we know the motive. Ramon loves a great TS ass to bang as a payback for his help. Dany Barony doesnt fail to deliver either. Watch her ride that Super cock and suck it dry as a perfect "Thank you". What beautiful TS doesnt love a good lube job. Lets welcome her in "Lube that Ass Up"